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Wooden Business Cards

There are several question individuals should ask themselves before ordering business cards.

The first is which printing company to employ. Some good research ideas are to ask colleagues and friends about their experiences. Another is to use the World Wide Web to investigate services as well as customer comments, feedback, and reviews. Social media sites are often used as business tools and a great deal of valuable information may be found there. Make a list of necessary elements for the business cards to ensure the appropriate company is chosen.


Wooden business cards are one style that is very popular today.

With businesses learning to employ sustainable practices, their prices are also decreasing. Wooden business cards are still somewhat more expensive than the traditional cardstock type; however, the added benefits outweigh the price. One of the advantages to this style of cards is the impact on the earth and the ecosystem. Trees are a popular resource today because they are one of the more sustainable choices. The federal government is cracking down on sustainable practices and the regulations thereof. This is one of many reasons companies are employing more and more eco-friendly methods. Another reason is that a great many clients are becoming more aware of environmental impacts of company practices. One great benefit that should be considered is the advertising aspect. Companies should not employ eco-conscious practices simply for the publicity; however, this beneficial aspect should be carefully considered. Companies that investigate and utilize sustainable practices often attract a greater number of clients and increase profits radically.

There are several creative elements to choosing wooden business cards.

Wood is not only beautiful, but naturally aesthetically appealing. Wood also has a wonderful smell. It is always a good idea to approach as many senses as possible when utilizing promotional tools. Printing companies commonly offer Mahogany, Alder, and Maple wooden business cards. The most common thicknesses offered are three-ply and two-ply. Circling back to the previous topic, most all printing companies only utilize materials that are 100% recycled and recyclable. Many also have some sort of promotional offer for planting a certain number of tree after each order.

There are a couple more design choices of wooden business cards to consider.

One is the colors which are dazzlingly beautiful due to the high tech printing methods employed. Ink jet, laser, digital, and screen type printings are generally offered by most all printing companies. The designs may also be etched, engraved, or burnt into the wood. Wood burning offers a rustic appeal. Printers use lasers to cut wooden business cards, which offer additional design options. Some businesses stick with the tried and true rectangular shape, while others opt for something slightly more bold and daring. One idea is to have business card holders printed as company business cards. This ensures that clients will view and be reminded of that particular company several times a day. These individuals are more likely to spread the word of the company’s rep. This can dramatically increase revenue as well as attract many more customer leads. Another thought is to have the cards laser cut into a silhouette that portrays the product and/or services available through that company.

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