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Wood Business Cards

It is important to answer several questions before venturing on to order business cards to be printed.

One is which printing company to hire. It is best to do some tentative research and discover the reputations of the choices. The internet is a wonderful tool to use for this step. Another idea is to ask colleagues which companies they chose and their experiences. Many social media websites are extremely helpful in this area as well. While window shopping for services, keep a few items in mind in order to determine which printer offers the services the business requires.

One popular style of business cards is wood. Wood business cards may cost a bit more; however, the price seems to be in the process of dropping.

The cost is also well worth the numerous advantages. The first of the advantages is the positive effects on the environment. Trees are sustainable resource that greatly benefits the entire earth and its ecosystem. Many companies are applying eco-friendly practices today. This is due to several factors. One there are numerous federal laws and regulations that require businesses to do so. Another is that individuals everywhere are becoming more ecologically conscious. There is one last, but crucial reason. A business that applies earth sustainable practices sends clients a message that it cares about the world. A caring and compassionate company attracts many more clients. This can increase profits dramatically. While this should not be used as the central reason to employ these types of practices, it is important to consider all of the benefits.

There are several creative aspects to choosing wood business cards.

Wood has a beautiful and natural aesthetic appeal. It also smells wonderful. Promotional tools that utilize as many of the senses as possible are generally more successful. The three most popular types of wood used in the process of printing business cards are Maple, Alder, and Mahogany. Choices also include business cards that are two-ply or three-ply. Relating to the subject above, many printing companies are beginning to offer to plant trees on the clients behalf for each order processed. Most all of these companies use 100% recycled products as well.

There are many more design options with wood business cards than individuals realize.

A variety and bold, brilliant, and beautiful colors are available because the company uses high tech printing methods. Some of the methods for printing available are laser, ink jet, screen, and digital. Wood burning and engraving or etching for the design is also available. This all depends upon the wood veneer used when creating the cards. These wood business cards are laser cut which allows for additional creativity. Companies do not have to rely upon the common rectangular shape. They could instead opt for an oval shape or a shape that relates to the products and/or services of that business. For example, a company that sells knives might opt for a simple knife shape. One great idea is instead of having simple business cards printed, have thin business card holders printed. This means the clients will see that companies card each time they remove any card from the case. This will cost more, but will be worth the extra cost when considering the advertising potential.

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