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they deliver a variaty of quality products. You can upload your own design or create advanced templates on their page. They also offer e.g. Spot UV finish to your cards.








Spot UV Business Cards

There are a great deal many more details of ordering business cards to be printed than the majority of individuals may realize.

It is important to keep in mind that this will be the image of the company and will precede its products and/or service. There are all sorts of decisions to make including numerous design options. An appropriate image must be chosen, colors and typeface to decide upon, among many others. It is a good idea to begin by making a list to help with the decision making process. This way they will be simple to keep up with and can be easily presented to the printing company when the time comes.

One of the many choices to make is the finish.

Spot UV business cards are an extremely popular choice for several reasons. Spot UV finish is also often referred to as UV coating in the printing business. The finish is cured in a special method by means of an ultraviolet light. It is also a great finish to be considered for flyers, brochures, and invitations. When spot UV is used on dark colors, it leaves a wet look that stands out from other designs. Spot UV also enhances the durability of business cards. They resist smudging or blurring and can easily be mailed without worrying about their finish upon arrival. It is a good idea to have images coated with a spot UV finish for that added pop. Spot UV treatments do not contain any volatile compounds or harsh solvents so the cards remain environmentally friendly.

There are a few instances when it is not wise to opt for spot UV treatments.

This type of finish should not be used in conjunction with any metallic colors or foiling. It is also not a god idea to use on thinner types of paper such as any that is under 100 #weights. It is difficult to write upon a surface that has a spot UV finish. Spot UV creates a dynamic aesthetic appeal and lends added dimensions of brilliance and boldness to the print and images of business cards. Spot UV business cards are more expensive that other types; however all of the added benefits, including durability, should be weighed against the price.

There are several steps involved in creating spot UV business cards which is the element that increases the price.

Once the cards are printed the ink must be allowed to dry completely. During the next step the ultraviolet coating is added. This must also be allowed to dry completely before heat is used to further treat the spot UV cards. A partial UV treatment can be chosen in order to enable clients to write needed information on the business cards in certain areas. Partial treatment may also be considered for the image alone. This allows more room for clients to jot down notes, yet still adds a bold and shiny dimension to the cards. There are so very many details to consider it is wise to research printing companies and the steps of the printing process as well as prices ahead of time.

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