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Plastic Business Cards

Most individuals many not consider the type of material to choose when thinking of business cards as all that important.

Everyone is familiar with the age old cardstock business cards. One type of business card material that is rapidly growing in popularity is plastic. For those companies that have strict eco conscious practices and may balk at this idea, there are several printing companies that offer plastic business cards created from 100% recycled plastic. There are several advantages of choosing plastic business cards over the common cardstock style.

The first great advantage of plastic business cards over the cardstock type is durability.

These can be created with bold and beautiful designs which will last years longer than paper. The number one location the average person keeps business cards is in their wallet which is kept in their back pocket. Though wallets are made from many various materials, the most common is leather. Paper documents deteriorate quickly under these conditions. Plastic business cards will keep their shape better and are not susceptible to these conditions. Accidents happen to everyone and spills can destroy paper documents. It is unknown the amount of business cards that are destroyed due to spills, but the estimate is more than most businesses care to think about.

As mentioned above plastic business cards made from recycled material, generally PVC, are available from most all printing companies.

It actuality, it is the most common material offered. The world today is becoming ever more eco conscious and this includes businesses. Businesses that practice eco conscious methods can use this as a promotional point as well, but this should not be the only reason for these practices.

An innovative idea that goes hand in hand with the world’s advancing technology is the smart plastic business card.

The smart card is made of plastic and embedded with a handy microchip. A card such as this representing a company expresses that it is fresh with the modern client in mind. The card may still be designed with the company logo or chosen image and contact information. The microchip embedded in smart cards also holds contact information and in some cases may be designed to track client purchases for easy and quick review. The microchip may also hold certain info that allows the client to use the business card as a loyalty card. This style card may initially be more expensive but, can save a great deal of money in the long run.

Plastic business cards are very different which is extremely important in the business world.

Companies want to stand out so more potential clients notice them and become existing clients. While this type of business card is becoming more popular it has not reached the status of common as of yet. Clients are sure to take notice of this innovative style of business card. Another aspect to consider is that since it feels like a credit card, it is much less likely to be tossed out with worthless trash. It is a good idea to do a bit of research and carefully weigh all of the material options before deciding.

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