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Photography Business Cards

There are several considerations to weigh when choosing the appropriate business cards to have printed for any type of business.

Some of the first decisions to make are the purpose, who they will be handed to, and where they will be distributed. The answers to these will help with the rest of the printing decision process. It would be wise to order a large number of cardstock style business cards, if they will be pinned to various bulletin boards. These must also contain as much contact information as it is physically possible to print. Business cards that are to be printed for existing clients to simply replenish and renew may not require as much info. In this case, information that may not have been included before should be now. Examples are numbers for customer support that may be needed after hours or contact info of any locations that may have been added since the last printing.

The next consideration is what image, if any, should be chosen and why.

One extremely popular choice for the image is a headshot. All sorts of companies use this type of image for business cards because they view it as a small, non-intrusive introduction. Many realtor businesses often choose headshots. It also enables the client to recognize the representative of the company, if there is to be a great deal of physical contact. A smiling face generally evokes a feeling of trust for the company which is vital for any type of business. The photo does not necessarily have to be the headshot style. In the case of a realtor company, the photo could be of one taken of the more exquisite houses they offer.

An example of a business that should take advantage of photography images is one that offers photography services.

The business could use a wonderful photo one of its own has taken to demonstrate the professionalism and talent it provides. Another benefit of this is that there will be an endless supply of fresh images to choose from for each new printing. A talented photographer may actually want to consider setting up the entire shot. It is better, as mentioned above, to choose a photo of the person representing the company, if he/she will have a lot of physical client contact. It is more appropriate for those that just offer services to decide upon a photo that illustrates the best of that service.

One of the major disadvantages of choosing a photo for the image to be printed on the business card is the cost.

It requires more color and is therefore more expensive. On top of that, unless the business is a service of photography, it may be necessary to schedule and pay for a photo session. Another thought is to how often reprints are ordered. If the photo is of the individual providing the service, it should be kept as current as possible. Out dated pictures may create one of two extremely negative impressions. One is deceitfulness, if the person has changed quite a bit. The other is lack of success. Perhaps he/she has not yet distributed enough cards to require more prints. Another reason is that he/she has not generated enough profit to pay for fresh reprints.

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