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Luxury Business Cards

One of the most important business decisions and investments owners can make to boost business is purchasing business cards.

The second is choosing the design for them. The design and image should represent the image of the company. It should be expressive of its reputation, or the one it wishes to brand. The valuable tools provide vital information to clients and can attract new clients, create leads, and generate increased profits. Physical business cards have been used for quite a long time and now with the age of technology there are numerous design options to choose from.

Luxury business cards send clients a message of elegance.

There are numerous ways to design luxury business cards. One type of luxury cards is metal. These are slightly more expensive; however, due to their durability, they are worth the bit extra. This type of business card outlasts the cardstock style by quite a bit. This eliminates a great deal of the cost of re-prints. Embossed business cards are another example that is considered in the luxury cards choice. These look wonderful with an added touch of appeal. The image and or contact info is raised from the surface. Color and or foil may be added to highlight this feature. Some companies opt for blind emboss, which means the design is simply raised; however, no foil or color is added.

Luxury business cards create an image of style and distinction.

It is important in this competitive world for businesses to set themselves above others. This style of card can help companies stand out from the rest. Many types of material are available for luxury business cards. The traditional cardstock style card is a valuable business tool, but it often is not very durable. A wise decision is to have the cards printed on a thicker cardstock. These will cost a little more and will not last quite as long as the metal type. They will eliminate many re-prints effectively recuing costs. Another luxury option design is glow in the dark ink. Each element within the design options has several more options. It is important to take a little creative license while choosing designs. This will ensure that clients realize the business is different from others.

Printing companies offer special coatings for business cards.

These coatings create more durable business cards by protecting them from certain elements. One of the most popular finishes for business cards is varnish which creates a smoother look and feel. Varnishes are offered in choices of gloss, matte, or silk finishes. It lends the impression that is plastic, but they are closer to the price of paper. Spot UV may also be requested. Spot UV enhances the colors to make them richer, shinier, and bolder.

Types of wood such as Maple or Alder are available for luxury business cards.

Bamboo is another option for material and has many benefits. Bamboo is more durable than plain paper and has the aesthetic appeal of a water color finish.  This material is extremely eco-friendly and is often used as art paper. It is acid and chlorine free as well as biodegradable. Bamboo is a 100% recyclable material. It is important to carefully consider each section of choices before ordering, especially if this is to be the first time.

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