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Embossed Business Cards

Most business owners are aware of the purpose of business cards as well as their value.

The cards’ purpose is to represent the company in such a way that they attract new clients and leads to profits. Another purpose is to provide the public with all of the vital contact information of the business. A business card should pop and expressly say ‘hey read me’. In order to accomplish this it must stand apart from millions of others. This will also effectively make the entire company stand apart from the others. Today companies must investigate and discover methods to stay ahead of the game and leave all else behind. Embossed business cards are a sure fire method for doing this.

Embossed business cards definitely stand apart from other cards.

First of all they look a great deal different from the rest. Anything that is embossed catches the eye in a different way than images that are flat. Another consideration is that embossed cards are not just seen in a different manner, they can actually be felt. Those who may not be able to see them well will be able to feel them. A cute example is for piano keys to be embossed on the business cards of a company that tunes or sells pianos. When individual speaks of something that pops in the advertising world, they generally intend for the word to act as an adjective. In the case of embossing, it also becomes a verb. Images quite literally pop from the surface of the card.

There are a few choices when deciding what to have embossed on the business cards.

An image may simply be raised from the surface. Some companies choose to have a coat of color added atop of the embossing. More creative businesses opt to have the cards embossed with foil creating an extremely elegant appeal. Clients may not be able to refrain from running their fingertips over the foil image. Generally, this indicates they will spend a great deal more time looking at it as well. Embossed cards may be created performing what is known as blind embossing. This means no color or foil is added. This may sound plain, but it stands out simply because those elements are missing. It is important for companies to think outside the box.

There are a couple disadvantages to embossed business cards.

However, most businesses believe these are only slight or may be reasoned. The first is that embossed business cards are generally a little more expensive. If they generate more leads and more profit the cards will pay for the extra cost in the end. Another consideration is that common cardstock may be printed and shipped to the client rather expediently. Embossed cards may take slightly more time. The time difference is not truly that great and the wait is worth the potential. One last consideration is that embossed cards may not be printed on both sides. This eliminates the ability to have a large amount of information printed on them. Clients that require more room, yet still want the embossed design, might look into folded business cards.

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